Experience the Majestic Intelligence of African Grey Parrots

 Unlock a world of wonder with our stunning African Grey Parrots. Discover their extraordinary mimicry skills, captivating beauty, and unparalleled intelligence. Welcome these feathered geniuses into your home and be amazed every day. Find your perfect companion today!”

Unleash the Charm and Elegance of African Grey Parrots

 Step into a realm of grace and charm with our African Grey Parrots. Their striking plumage, inquisitive personalities, and exceptional ability to bond will leave you enchanted. Let their playful antics and delightful mimicry create unforgettable moments. Explore our collection and bring home a timeless companion!”

African grey birds for sale – From baby parrots to beautiful couples

Our African greys are tamed, hand-raised, and exposed to people for early and healthy socialization. They can be easily trained and aren’t wary of humans and other pets. In other words, they are perfectly ready to make their home in your living room.

African grey parrots are famous for their intelligence and vocabulary. 

African Grey Parrot online has been pets for thousands of years, there are records of these birds as household pets in biblical times.  African gray parrots for sale online are native to a wide swathe of Africa, from offshore islands in the Atlantic Ocean, including Sao Tome and Principe to eastern Côte d’Ivoire through Nigeria, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo into Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

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Behavior and mating

African grays are highly social species, flying through the sky in noisy flocks and roosting in big groups amid the treetops each evening. A pair will seek out pre-existing tree cavities in which to make a nest. Parents are attentive, building well-made nests and feeding their chicks together.

 They feed in smaller groups of about 30, eating foods like oil palm nuts and the berries of the cola plant, grasping them in their claws and tearing them open with their strong beak. The birds will also sometimes raid human crops, such as maize. Unlike other talking parrots, a young African Grey may not start talking until it is well more than a year old.

Behavior and mating

The cost of African grey parrots and shipping

Our exotic birds do not carry “exotic” price tags. They are affordable and can be shipped throughout Canada and the USA, our African grey parrot prices include a 1-year congenital health guarantee. Our parrots enjoy a first-class travel experience with professional handlers during ground transportation and specialized airlines for their time in the air. Make no mistake: your birds will stay hydrated and full during their flight in a temperature-controlled compartment.


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